Sensational HD Brows at Bloom!

Bloom Permanent Cosmetics are so excited to announce that we officially offer the celebrity favourite HD Brow treatment. A unique and revolutionary seven step process to give you THE perfect brow that you've been dreaming of... Literally. Through the use of HD Brow Techniques, Bloom will transform your brow into a perfectly shaped brow, enhancing your facial features. We don't just shape and tidy the brow, we completely transform and train the brow.

We've heard of so many people over plucking their eyebrows during their teen years and now with bigger and bushier brows in fashion, the over plucked look is no longer a fan favourite. HD Brows sculpt your brow into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way that you feel about yourself. Bloom HD Brow Stylist, Lisia, will transform, sculpt and train your brow, giving you the bigger brow you said goodbye to years ago! The HD Brow process has seven steps, focusing on the shape and design of your eyebrow. The steps include tinting, waxing and threading using all HD Brow products.

Depending on how quickly that your hair grows will depend on how often you'll need to come back for treatment. Usually, we'll see clients coming back every 4 weeks for their routine HD fix! If you're worried about over plucked brows, our stylists will train them into a shape over a course of visits, they're not a problem at all. Make sure to check out our range of before and after pictures and click here to get booked in!

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