The Popular ‘Life as A Bitch’ Instagrammer Gives a Bloomin’ Pout!

We were so excited when Claire from ‘Life as A Bitch’ wanted to come to Bloom Permanent Cosmetics at Zara Cullen and try out our lip blush treatment, designed to give clients a fuller lip. We have lots of people wondering about the treatment, and also as a tattoo slightly hesitant about the treatment too.

We thought we would share the process of Claire’s treatment with you to see how she found it and how fabulous the results turned out too.

Claire decided to have the lip blush treatment as during her late teens and early 20s she was a sunbed user. The sun beds had an effect on her lip and altered the natural colour of her lip, and she didn’t like it. This is extremely common and can also happen during the ageing process with the lip line fading.

We asked Claire ‘How would you describe your treatment and experience?’

The treatment took around 2 hours and was not painful at all. There was a slight niggling sensation, but nothing that I would consider to be painful. Lisia fully informed me about everything I needed to know and she was more than happy to answer the one million questions that I had before the treatment! The aftercare was simple, to keep them as dry as possible and DON’T PICK! Lisia had provided me with an aftercare treatment that I was also to apply three times a day.

I loved having this treatment and couldn’t wait to see the results! The immediate colour was unreal, although you do lose 70% of that. My lips look amazing! I can’t wait to have my top up and see my final results.

At Bloom Permanent Cosmetics we have a wide range of colours for you to choose from, designed to suit your everyday look and features. You can e-mail us here to find out more about the treatment and to get booked in.

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